2011 SMART Learner Conference Presenter Hand-outs

A SMART Cycle of Instruction
Stephanie Jones, Dodge Elementary

SMART Response to Instruction
Meredith Nations, Robbins Elementary Lynn Garner, Dodge Elementary

From Bell to Bell
Kaaryn LiCalsi, John Will Elementary

Thinking Skills that Make you SMARTer
Angel Phelps, Dawes Intermediate

Navigating the Lesson Activity Toolkit
Tamara Lewis, Semmes Middle

Making Elementary Math & Science Interactive Using SMART
Joe Gaston, Dawes Intermediate

Formative Assessment the SMART Way
Hunteria Nelson, Denton Middle

Tools of Math Instruction
Cliff Allred, Murphy High

Engaging Math Students with the SMART Board
Catherine Mahoney, B. C. Rain High

Secondary Language Arts Interactive Activities Using the SMART Board
Vanita Wigfall, Blount High

SMART Tips, Tools and Talking
Jennifer Monie de Torres

Get Organized!
Bell Sullivan, Grand Bay Middle

Start Your Day the SMART Way
Stephanie Jones, Dodge Elementary

Get SMART with Elementary Math
Amy Taylor, Indian Springs Elementary

SMART Templates for Teachers
Lisa Morris, E. R. Dickson Elementary

Boards and Bloom's: Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing and Applying with SMART Boards
Elizabeth Session, Technology in Motion