Hints, Tips and Troubleshooting

Notebook Software Installation

Still having trouble getting SMART Notebook to load?
If the download gets "stuck" choose ctrl+alt+del> task manager> the Processes tab and end the tsccc.exe process.

To save the LCD bulb turn the SMART Board off if you are going to be away from the board for more than 30 minutes.

Clean the board with a damp cloth.
Disinfect the board with a cloth dampened with a 10% bleach solution.

If the laptop does not see the board try:
  • Fn +F7 (hold the Function key while pressing F7)
  • Choosing Computer 2 at the connection at the board.

If the connection light on the SMART Board blinks green and the board does not connect properly it may be because both CPS and the Notebook software are in the start up menu. The quick fix is to remove CPS from the start up menu: Choose START > All Programs > Start up > right click on CPS and choose Delete.

LCD and bulbs
Powerdown the SMART Board if you are leaving the classroom for more than 30 minutes.

The lamp life for a Unified SMART Board is around 2000 hours. This equates to around 300 days for 7 hours of usage a day. Once you reach about 1200-1500 hours the lamp will begin to dim until it fails.
Pricing for these lamps is about $275.00 retail and cannot be stored for a long period of time.

You can briefly 'blank out' the image using the remote control for the LCD projector. This action does not power down the projector - and any time that the projector spends in this condition counts the same as if the projector was in use. To be sure that the projector is totally powered down, use the power button on the SMART Board or on the remote. When either power button is pressed, a prompt appears on the SMART Board and tells the user to press the power button again to turn the projector off.

If your LCD does not have a Freeze button you can extend your desktop and get the same effect. For most computers this is done by right clicking on the desktop and choosing Graphic Options, then Output and Extended Desktop. Move content from SMART Board to desktop by dragging it from one to the other. Images will not go if they are full screen so you will need to use the Restore Down button (to the left of the red x to close) to resize your screen before moving it.

Notebook Software
The Notebook Interactive Viewer allows you to share content with students and colleagues who may not have access to full Notebook software.

Document Camera
Plug in and turn on your Smart Document Camera BEFORE throwing the box it came in away as half of the power cord is tucked in a corner of the box.
Annotation is not possible nor the tools available when connecting the Smart Document Camera to the board and not the laptop.

To connect a NON Smart document camera use the directions in the document below.

Using the Elmo TT-2s within Smart Notebook

Smart Response
Battery Life: 500 hours, but for standard use one full semester. Remove them during summer holidays and replace them with new at the end of summer.

Extended Desktop
Here is a video about extending the desktop of your computer so that you can show one image on your SMART board and another image on your monitor.
Extending the desktop