Safe, Secure, and Effective Search Engine for MCPSS!
We are pleased to announce the recent purchase of netTrekker d. i. for MCPSS staff, students and parents to use. NetTrekker is an award-winning search engine for schools, and makes searching fast, easy, effective, and safe. NetTrekker:
· Contains links to over 300,000 educator-selected online resources that are organized and searchable by curriculum, grade-level and reading level;
· Makes searching the Internet safe for students - All netTrekker websites and images have been selected and evaluated by educators, so students receive only safe, relevant results and school-friendly images;
· Accommodates different learning styles and needs - netTrekker provides resources that work for all members of our school community - including general-education, ESL/ELL, gifted, those working above or below grade level, special needs, and more;
· Is an easy to use tool with searching options for beginner and advanced users so all of our students and teachers can benefit from the educational resources available on the Internet every day;
· And so much more!
Start using netTrekker right away!
Navigate to and use your MCPSS employee ID number (kronos number) plus “” as your username, and the password “mobile” to log in. For example: Username =, password = mobile.

You can change your password in the “my profile” section.

Students can log in from school and home with their state student ID number and password “mobile” as they do for Renaissance Place.
For a video tour of netTrekker:
Staff development will be available, but the Help Page ( will provide answers to most questions and give you great ideas for how to start using netTrekker – be sure to check out the Atomic Learning video tutorials:
Please note that this service has been funded with the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant for a one-year subscription. Continued funding through future grants will be contingent upon usage.
Department of Instructional Technology
For questions, call 251-221-5135